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Oil for 2013 Volkswagen Jetta

I just bought a 2013 Jetta with 67000 miles. The manual recommends synthetic oil. Can I use regular oil to save money, and what are the advantages to using synthetic oil?

Is the engine turbo charged?


No, it is not.

Then, as long as the vehicle isn’t under warranty, you can use whatever type of oil you want.

The benefits of synthetic oil is it’s more stable under severe conditions.

Such as, under extreme heat/cold, if the vehicle is raced, if the vehicle is used to haul heavy loads, and if the engine is turbo charged.

Synthetic oil might help improve fuel mileage. But this is determined more by driving style and conditions.

Some say that the oil change intervals can be extended.

But these claims are made by those who make the synthetic oils. And not by the vehicle manufacturers.


Does VW want you to use 0W20 motor oil? If so, it is only available as synthetic. Don’t mess with the oil weight. Use whatever VW recommends.

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What is the change interval suggested? @jtsanders is right about the weight. That has to be a match. If the oil change interval is anything but 5K miles no way. How much money do you project saving? Synthetic oil changes in my area run about $60 bucks. Subaru just charged me $54 for synthetic oil, tire rotation and car wash.

VW generally specifies oils made to specific standards, often their own. (VW followed by some numbers). Oils meeting these standards are not difficult to find, and are not unusually expensive.

About a decade or so ago a number of gas burning Jettas wore out prematurely due to clogged oil passages. I believe it was a design problem, but VW tried to blame it on use of improper oils and over extended change intervals despite many cars having been maintained on schedule by dealerships. One’s only chance of after warranty satisfaction from the company was proof of proper change intervals using the specified oils.

My local dealership charges $65 for a synthetic oil change with filter, tops off the other fluids and throws in some underbody inspection, and throws in free coffee and donuts.

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I buy Mobil 1 synthetic in the 5 quart bottles usually for about $26. Quite often Mobil has a $7-10 rebate so I’m not sure how much cheaper than that one could get for a quality oil. Compare the cost of oil changes with the cost of the car is all.

I know VW recommends 502.0 rating, preferably with 5w40 oil weight.

Saving pennies, risking $$$$. Not worth it to me.

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Saving money on motor oil? Use what the manufacturer recommends in the owner’s manual. There is a benefit to synthetic oil. I have an old push lawnmower that I have owned for 24 years. It was burning oil badly. I switched from straight 30 weight to 10W-30 synthetic. It cut the oil consumption by 2/3. The oil cost $2.79 a quart for synthetic and $1.79 for regular 10W-30 oil under the RK house brand label at my local Rural King store. 0W-20 synthetic that meets the specifications for my 2011 Sienna is $2.79 a quart. I don’t do my own oil changes any more, but I did buy a quart of RK synthetic 0W-20 that I carry in the car when I am on the road in case I have to add a quart. Even some years back when money was tight for us, I used the specified 10W-30 in my Ford Maverick. I saved money instead by drinking Billy Beer at 99¢ a six pack as it was being phased out.

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