Oil Filler Cap Question

Let’s just say that a quick change place cross threaded the cap to my older car’s oil filler cap. Let’s just say the oil blew out of the top of the engine within a week and the engine seized. Let’s just say that some individuals think this is impossible. Let’s see what you think.

Happens all the time. Often they forget to replace the cap altogether, or just neglect to refill the engine with oil. This is just one of the MANY reasons we advise people to avoid “quick change” oil places.

The oil pressure warning light should have come on before the engine seized. Didn’t you notice the light, or the smell of oil all over the engine?

I didn’t notice the light, but the car was quite old (early 90s and over 200,000 miles) and the light could have been out. I did notice a smell, but I dumbly did not act in time.

I’m trying to get something out of the place that did it.

I had the old girl for 8 years and over 100,000 miles so I was devestated. Happened on Turkey day, too.

Can you explain how cross-threading the cap allowed oil to blow out?

One thing for certain with cross threading,it wont vibrate loose.

You know cross threads are better than no threads.

Your senario is possible if they left the cap off all together and you never explored why you have this oil smell and why you are leaving puddles of oil where you park.

Year, make, model?? Five quarts of oil leaking out is going to make a mess that is hard to ignore…The Smell, The Smoke, The Puddle On The Driveway…And yes, the oil pressure light flickering at you then glowing it’s warning steadily, unnoticed by the comatose driver…

Can you explain how cross-threading the cap allowed oil to blow out?

That’s easy…when you cross thread the filter the gasket won’t seal properly and oil will leak out very rapidly.

Real experience beats opinion all the time. You win.

The crankcase will develop pressure in normal operation, especially on an older engine where blowby is more significant than on a new engine. And a cap not secured can be blown off and oil blow out. Yes, whst you’ve described is possible.

Regarding the engine having seized, that would necessitate that there also be seriouus negligence on your part. When the cap blows off and the pressure drops the oil light will glow and the smell of burning oil will permeate the car. And prior to seizing you more than likely will hear bearing knock. A seized engine requires that you ignore all these signs and keep driving…as you admittedly did. And it took a week for the offed cap to grow into a major oil loss…a week in which you admittedly kept driving it without looking under the hood.

I think you need to accept responsibility for the seized engine. Sorry.

Mike again you did not read, the OP said his filler cap was cross threaded not his filter as you have commented on

On some engines, virtually no oil will leak out an open oil filler. On others with no baffle and located directly above the timing chain, the oil can be tossed out rather quickly. It all depends on the engine… A cross-threaded cap will leak rather slowly regardless of cap location or design. The OP is on a fishing expedition and you guys are cutting his bait for him…

Based on the age of your car, you deserve a rebuilt engine. If you can’t get the quick change place to come up with the money, document everything and get a lawyer. Quick change places have insurance for this kind of thing, so it should not be too difficult to get cooperation. If it is difficult, get a lawyer.

This is why I never go to a quick change place. We read here about stories like yours all too frequently. You should learn how to change your own oil for two reasons. The first is this should not happen again. The second is you will get to know your car better.

Agreed, however in this case it would appear that the oil was tossed.
The op admits the light came on and he smelled oil. And kept on driving.

I stand by my post.

YUP…I misread the OP…