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Oil cooler repair question

I brought my Audi A4 in to the mechanic 5 days ago for an oil change and to have an annual NY state inspection. While there, the mechanic said I needed the flex pipe to be replaced, which I had them do. A days after the repair, I got a “low oil” warning on the dash. I replaced the oil myself, but the same thing happened soon after - low oil warning - so seems like a leak. I took the car back to the mechanic today, and they told me that the oil cooler needs to be replaced. The mechanic says this has nothing to do with the previous repair and is related to general wear and tear. I am dubious - the car was running fine before I brought it in, and only once I left the mechanic did the oil leak occur. Is this just a coincidence? Or could the previous repair have resulted in this oil cooler damage?

I’d say the damage did not “result in” the damage. The flex line repair may have caused the leak because it stressed a weak, corroded point in the cooler that gave way and is now leaking.

You don’t say how old the car is, if you live in an area that salts the roads or really anything but it being an A4 so I can’t say how much corrosion might be on the cooler. In any event it will be very hard to win this argument with the shop. If you don’t trust their work or what they tell you… take it somewhere else.


It’s just a coincidence.



I would find it questionable for the mechanic to find and suggest repairing a leak so minor that there had been no problem with oil loss and then after making the suggested repair a significant leak is overlooked. If that happened to me a different mechanic would be repairing the new leak.

What was the oil level on the dipstick after you noticed the “low oil” warning?