Oil consumption

Started using oil after conventional oil was put in after using synthetic oil. So far not using a lot but still using oil. Its using about a quart every 1500 miles. Thanks for any info…

This one’s easy. Go back to synthetic. Sorry I just had to.

Please clarify for us whether this mystery vehicle is specified for the use of synthetic oil only, or if conventional oil was specified by the vehicle mfr.

If the former is true, then–obviously–you need to do as PvtPublic suggests.
If the latter is the case, then I suggest that you not worry about the consumption of 1 qt every 1,500 miles, as many manufacturers consider that rate of consumption to fall w/in normal limits for a new car.

What’s that?
It’s not a new car?
How would we know?

Would you be willing to reveal the make, model, model year, and odometer mileage of this vehicle, so that we can provide a better answer?

Hupmobiles will do that…

"Hupmobiles will do that… "

I think it is a '52 Kaiser.
Does anyone else want to play the Guess The Make, Model, Model Year, and Odometer Mileage game?

61 Olds Starfire.

Close !

On a recently broadcast Car Talk show Ray said he’d seen cases where switching from conventional oil to synthetic seemed to cause higher oil consumption. I’ve never heard the reverse to be true — switching from synthetic to conventional causing increased oil consumption — until now. I think the best policy is to only use a major brand oil sporting the type and spec’s required in the user’s manual, and once you start with a certain brand, don’t change, stay with the same brand.

I concur with the advice above, 1500 miles per quart isn’t anything to lose any sleep over. Just check the oil level and top off as needed.

The weight of the engine oil also has a great deal to do with oil consumption. I also concur with @GeorgeSanJose since I’ve only heard stories that switching from conventional oil to synthetics caused increased oil consumption. What weight of conventional oil did you use?

…meanwhile, 4 days later, the OP has not returned to provide even the most basic information in response to our questions…

@GeorgeSanJose: I’ve always seen higher oil consumption with conventional oil in my vehicles in the rare times that I have not used synthetic. Perhaps mine just tend to beat up the oil a little more. Or it could be my driving style. Lol. Even my lawnmower stopped using oil since I’ve been putting synthetic in it.

A friend of mine has an '08 Rav-4 that uses ~1.5-2 qts between oil changes. As an experiment, I decided to try synthetic in his car, instead of conventional oil. The rate of consumption actually increased slightly with synthetic, so the extra cost was definitely not warranted.

With his car, the rate of consumption seemed to be highest with Mobil conventional oil and with Valvoline, and it declined a bit with Castrol conventional oil. However, I think that my experiments with his car and with various oils may not apply to all others, as–for reasons that I don’t understand–different oils seem to work slightly differently with different engines.


Your friend . . . what engine does he have in that 2008 RAV4 . . . ?

The reason I’m asking . . . there have been Toyota TSBs about excessive oil consumption, due to rings, for certain late model engines

I agree with db… it sounds like the engine may have some problems. I have noticed though that while Mobil-1 is certainly good oil, that my vehicles have always used oil with Mobil-1 onboard. They seem to like Valvoline “Synpower”, and use no appreciable oil on Amsoil.

@VDCdriver‌ pm me I can give you some info on this. Can’t seem to start a pm on my phone.

1.5 to 2 quarts every 5,000 miles on a 2008?
This isn’t excessive oil consumption.

1.5 to 2 quarts every 5,000 miles on a 2008? This isn't excessive oil consumption.

Agree. Our 08 Forester uses about 1 -1.5 quarts every 5K. Other two vehicles use about .25 to .5 quarts during the same interval - all on Mobil 1 5-30, full synthetic. The smartest thing you can do for your engine is check the oil level frequently and keep it topped off.

I’ll take the 61 Starfire off his hands, using oil or not.

I’ll agree, that level is not excessive but it would be very unusual for me to have to add oil between oil changes, at all. So I wouldn’t be happy and would go back to syn to see if thats the issue.


This might apply, if your friend has the 4 banger


Apparently, 1qt/1200 miles is the threshold

I happen to think that’s a little high, but most manufacturers set the threshold very high, so that they won’t have to pay for many engine repairs under warranty

Take note of the warranty labor times . . . it’s pretty clear it’s by no means a gravy job. Remove the engine on a FWD vehicle, put it on a stand, tear it down, measure various things, fit new pistons, rings, pins, etc., all for roughly 15hrs.

And I’ve worked at a dealer . . . not Toyota . . . and I know that the mechanic has a deficit going in. Because the shop foreman, service manager, etc., will jerk his chain for a few hours, before giving him the go-ahead to start on the repair, if the car was still under the 5yrs/60k time frame mentioned

I’m sure mom would like to have the Olds back too. She still tells stories about things that happened with that car. It is the first car I remember our family having (well in my lifetime).