Oil Changes

Hi ok i have gotten my oil changed at walmart the last two times and two weeks ago my transmission locked up the mechanic that worked on it said the transfer case ran out of oil and burned up and that caused my transmission to lock up i was wondering are they suppose to check that oil or do you have to tell them that your truck is 4wd because you can tell on my truck i have the stickers on the bed that say 4x4 and i think you would just be able to know it was.

At most oil change times, the tech will check the levels of all other systems and fluids on the vehicle. When it’s up on a hoist you know it’s 4x4 just by looking.
They take out and put back the plugs to check fluid levels on rear axles, front axles, transfer case, manual trans, transaxles, etc.

Sounds to me that the transfer case plug was not put back correctly.
Transfer cases do not just- ‘‘run out of oil’’-… unless…

You need to check your receipts.

Walmart offers different levels of service, and you may have a complaint to take up with the auto center manager. The cheapest level of service, as I recall, does not necessarily include an inspection of the differential fluid levels. If your receipt shows that the differentials were checked, and you have a continuing set of receipts showing the same result over several oil changes, I would talk to the service manager. However, be prepared for them to deny any claim, because some differential leakage can occur since the last oil change, and I am not sure your mechanic can make a distinction between old leakage and recent leakage.

All of the quick change places can have issues with techs taking “short cuts”. However, proving it to enforce a claim is difficult.

Was any comment made by the inspecting mechanic in regards to the fill plug on your transfer case? Does your transfercase show signs of leakage from any point?

Maybe you can post your vehicle details so maybe we can figure out a possible way you lost your fluid.

Were you operating with a known leak hoping that the Wally guys would keep you topped off?

It would also be helpful if you would use commas and periods, so we could better understand you. Just above the “Alt” key.

Well, are there any signs of oil leakage from the transfer case?

You get what you pay for…

A proper oil change service should check fluids in transmission, differentials, and tranfer case. But, many shops take short cuts or forget to do it.

I had a car drop the rear differential less than 100 miles after an oil change. They denied any wrong doing. The car was new enough that it was covered by the mfg under warranty. A leaking rear axel seal let the fluid drain out.

A transfer case should not be out of fluid, where did it go? But, the oil change if properly done should have alerted you that the fluid was low and they should have topped it off.

I think you have an issue with Walmart on this.

Based on the quality of help in the rest of the store…I’m wondering if the guy drained the oil in the transfer case instead of the oil pan. Was the engine oil over-filled??