Oil Change

Went in for a “basic oil change” all 4 tires were removed for a "FREE rotation that was NOT mentioned to me! Just had 2 new front tires put on, front end alined, and tires balanced @ another location. NOW, my car shakes once again.What do I do?

take it back, state what they did, and get the tires remounted the way they were.

take it for a drive, and if it shakes, find another garage. (note… GARAGE, not a quick lube place)

There was probably a newspaper add that offered an oil change plus tire rotation at a special price. Or else you signed an authorization without reading it. I’m guessing of course but this is why we can’t yet be p.o’ed at the shop.

I’d simply go back to the shop and tell them what you told us. Be firm but not angry. Ask them to simply put the tires back the way they were. You ought to be entitled to a free “unrotation.”

And bring your receipt from the previous shop to prove your point.

Another option would be to have the tires that are now on the front rebalanced. This might be the best approach, since the “newest” tires, or the ones with the most tread depth, should always be mounted on the REAR of a vehicle, not the front. This is to help prevent loss of traction at the rear in inclement weather, which can lead to a spin.

Well they may have done you a favor, but maybe not.

On a FWD car the newest (best) tyres always go on the rear. This is because under emergency conditions if the best tyres are on the front it tends to make the back end loose traction and skid around to the front.

However they did do something wrong. Likely just the balance. If the tyres originally were dynamically balanced, it is possible that they are now out of dynamic balance that the shop that did the switch may not even have the tools to correct the situation. They also many have mis-torqued them and warped a rotor.

You want to end up with all four tyres properly balanced, with the new ones on the rear and no damaged rotors. If it were my car I would want the work done by the original tyre shop and not the oil change place.

Since the error was done by the oil change place I am not sure how you are going to get this straightened out without putting your money on it. If that oil change place as a quick lube outfit, … Oh well, just another reason to never ever go to a quick lube.

It is clear who should do want and who should pay, but how to achieve that is not clear.

Good Luck