Oil Change Maintenance

Have always wanted to ask this question. I run the front tires up on these 2"x6" blocks" for accessing the oil pan drain plug and oil filter. Is this too high to raise the front end to get a good drain of the oil from the engine and filter?

No it is not too high.


Yep, no problem, I used ramps that were much higher

Drain plugs are generally at the back of the oil pan so the higher the better.


I think people over obsess with getting that last drop of old oil out. A couple of ounces of old worn out oil is not going to hurt anything as long as you are following the recommended intervals.

In fact, I think it might actually cause more harm to go to extremes than to just leave a little behind. If the engine is up to temp, I put it on the ramps, remove the plug, replace the filter and put the plug back in while some oil is still dripping. Then I refill and start the engine. My thinking is that there is still some residual oil that hasn’t had time to drain down yet that will protect the engine while oil pressure builds up from the oil change.

Guys who let it drain for 24 hours may get more oil oil out than I do, but they will have a drier start while the new oil builds up pressure.

But your vehicle, your money, your choice. What ever lets you sleep at night.


If the drain is at the back of the pan (most seem to be) lifting the front actually aids draining.
Re draining every drop: about 1/2 to 1 qt of oil stays in galleys and pockets and never leaves the engine unless it’s disassembled.

Not too high and a lot safer than the times you blocked up both ends trying to keep the vehicle level .

Some of us were lucky to have friends, relatives, or neighbors that provided teaching moments over the many years. Mothers just don’t seem to know these things. Pick a subject and I can probably relate it back to a guy around that provided some information.

Good comments above. I expect OP already knows that method to raise the car isn’t 100% safe. Wood can split, wheels can roll. Suggest at least chock the rear wheels so car is less likely to move.


Nothing is 100% safe. :wink: I would trust that wood blocking more than any fabricated ramp made. It’s not going to split and move out from under the tire when laid down like that and the tire atop it. Certainly agree with the rear tire blocking advice! The only time I go underneath and do not block tires is when they are all off the ground… :grinning:

Many years ago, there was a terrible accident right out in front of my home. Out in the country on a pretty good hill. After all the emergency vehicles had left, I found a wheel chock made from some type of rubber that is extremely heavy and forms a great shape for holding the tire. Nobody ever came around looking for it so I still have it. It’s by far the best wheel chock I’ve ever seen or used. But due to the weight, I only break it out when really needed.

I suspect that chock (chock not chick silly computer) was from the rescue truck or whatever. They probably took it out of the guys check by now though. I used to use a couple two by nailed together like that before I got ramps. I never even gave it a thought that if the tire blew out at that exact moment . . . Life is a risk. Just living leads to death.

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