Oil change frequence 2007 Honda CRV

how often should oil be changed?

If you have the owners manual or maintenance manual check for the specific interval required to maintain warranty coverage if still under it.

However my blanket answer is every 6months or 5000 miles whichever first. Easy # to remember.

The oil should be changed at the frequencies specified in the owner’s documentation. If the car has a computerize maintenance minder, it will tell you when to change the oil.

You do NOT need to change the oil every 3,000 miles unless this vehicle is operated in extremely harsh conditions. Think Sahara desert.

Harsh conditions do not require a harsh environment. Another example of harsh conditions would be if the car is driven daily, but for only one mile/five minutes a day. In that case, it might be wise to change oil every three months.

Agree; the worst driving environment is the “Aunt Minnie” pattern in Minnesota in the winter. This consists of frequent starts in cold weather, driving half a mile to the 7-11 to pick up a paper, then back home. If this pattern is repeated year round without any fast driving to get rid of the condensation and raw gas in the crankcase, an oil change interval of as little as 1000 miles is necessary! Oil left in the engine for 10,000 miles would sludge up and have poor lubricating qualities as well because of the water and gasoline in it.

Harsh driving conditions are ANYTHING but light highway driving. I ALWAYS go by the harsh driving conditions oil change interval.

I do the same as MikeInNH. Oil is relatively cheap, and engines are expensive.