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Oil change dispute

You should consider the total relationship with your mechanic. A small difference in the cost of having your mechanic changing the oil vs Jiffy Lube could pay off handsomely in savings on future maintenance. You mechanic will be more likely to point out things that need attention when they are less expensive to repair and maybe catch any safety related failures early.

I would caution you that if you think the mechanic is taking advantage of you, like it seems to cost $500 every time you visit, then find another mechanic. But if you have found a good honest mechanic, you should give him ALL your business.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why do people go to places like Jiffy Lube then post here with their problems? Stay away from these types of places

Call honda corp, they have a number in your manual for tech issues. See if TSB has been issued (a diligent service person at dealership can do this for you too). Modern engines use tighter clearances, better metals, and many use high capacity oil pumps compared to old days. Low viscosity helps with instant lube in the critical areas, have fewer viscosity modifiers in them (which actually reduces the amount of oil you get), but main reason is to improve mileage for CAFE stds. Engines warm up quicker, trannies allow engagement of overdrive gear quicker when warm, and coolant systems are designed for this.