Oil capacityquestion

Our gear oil pump does not have a gauge to measure volume, we fill the differentials and transfer case to the proper level.

The person behind the desk doesn’t receive feed-back from the shop, they rely on computer programs to estimate and bill common services. We use eMenus Automotive (emenusllc.com) for maintenance menu items.

An oil change is no longer $29.95 for most cars, some vehicles hold 3.75 quarts, another 9.2 quarts. The maintenance program allows the service writer to provide a price for each service maintenance visit.

These maintenance service programs are not without flaws, twice a week I find myself returning air filters and key batteries. Oil filters are sometimes wrong but I have the correct filter within reach.

The earlier version of this V6 which is in my wife’s 07 Lexus calls for 6.5 quarts. But later versions of that engine reduced it to 5.8 quarts.

Just because a book lists a specific value for something, there is always the possibility of an error when the book was printed.

The classic example of a printer’s error pertains to spinach, believe it or not. In the early 20th Century, a German nutrition manual misplaced a decimal point in the amount of iron contained in spinach, thereby incorrectly inflating its iron content. This book was treated as Gospel, and for the better part of the century, most people believed that spinach was a superior source of dietary iron, when–in fact–many other vegetables are much higher in iron content.

The bottom line is that books do sometimes contain errors, due to faulty editing.

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So Popeye was running on placebo fumes!?


That must also be why he thought that Olive Oyl was attractive.