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Oil and metal

So last Friday I started my car to warm up before leaving work I got out and almost back into work and my car started making this terrible grinding noise. Ran over to it check engine light was flashing. Turned car off for a few minutes turned on no noise no light. Left work to go home. I live not even a block away… I see my house from work. And it hesitated to speed up a little eve since then it’s been running super loud. Sunday it jerked when I got to 70 mph for like a few seconds got real quiet then when I stopped at a stop sign and went it got loud again( my car) Tuesday I started it in the morning and at idle I could here a tick every 20- 30 seconds. Tuesday evening i pulled in into the garage and turned it off and it had a rapid loud ticking / clicking noise. Same as I heard at idle just much louder. Could also her it tick when I revved the vehicle up. Code reader cane up p0300 . Cylinder 4 misfire. Chevy dealer said fuel injectors needed cleaned so done. Bring it home go to do pilot change and dump old oil out from sundays oil change (ordered better oil for my car) and found a piece of metal in the pan. Could this be possible to only find one or two pieces? Could it be what was grinding on Friday night ? 2016 Malibu 1.5 known to have piston rings go bad. Wondering if possible.? Not sure how to upload a picture of metal peice

First of all, a P0300 code is a random misfire. A code P0304 would be a cylinder #4 misfire.

Second, if you find metal pieces in drained engine oil, it usually means the engine is destroying itself internally.



As posted above, finding metal bits of that size in the drained out oil is pretty concerning. On some cars the oil drain plug is a magnet, so checking to see if anything’s sticking to that might be diagnostic. If you are feeling lucky, the metal bits might be nothing to worry about, and the sounds you are hearing is an exhaust system leak. But my guess is you have some internal engine problem going on which will require further diagnosis. Make sure all the fluids, esp the engine oil, are at the proper level is the first thing to do. If I had that problem, after draining the oil again & checking the drain plug for metal bits sticking to it, and sieving the oil that comes out in the process for metal bits, I’d then do an engine compression test.

Not sure what that means . Did you buy this new and how often do you change oil ? Your driving is under the severe description .

2016? Warranty?
5yr/60k powertrain warranty.
you have receipts for proper oil changes?


Those pieces of metal look like threads from the oil drain plug or the oil pan.

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