Oil Access Panel

Will it harm my car if I permanently remove the oil access panel (covering.) I have had the “clips” replaced. However, it is again hanging down yet again. I will “duct tape” it up until I can get it to a garage, but I would just rather take it off permanently. Is that ok to do?

Could you explain what an “oil access panel” is or post a picture?

I bet you mean the removable panel under the engine that you need to swing out of the way to change the oil (like on my Forester). I’d try and fix whatever the problem is (missing fasteners?), otherwise lots of road spray will get up into the engine compartment.

Thank you. I will get new clips/fasteners. The mechanic that I also submitted the question to (for a fee) agreed with you that I needed to keep the panel/covering. Again, thanks.

Do you have a friend who’s kind of a hands-on tinkerer?

Occasionally, when faced with something like this that seems to chronically not want to stay secured, I’ve resorted to perusing the various fasteners at the auto parts stores and the hardware stores for a better methiod of securing the whatever-it-is. I’ve always managed to find one. There are tens of thousands of different fastening systems out there. You might find one that works better.