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Offside front of the car problem

Hi all,

Have you got any idea about this problem with my car? When I turn the steering wheel to the very right, the offside front bounces. I am afraid the offside fron tire will come out. However, while driving usual, there seems to me no problem. Is it related to coil spring? Do you think it is serious (and also expensive) problem? The car is mercedes a 150 2006. I just want to know about it a little before taking it to a garage?

Thanks in advance.


My guess would be a bad motor mount allowing the motor to rock when the power steering pump loads it down.

Or the bouncing could be a bad rack.

It’ll need to go to a shop for a look-see.

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Actually, I have just bought this car and the previous owner told me that he got the engine taken down and replaced the clutch and starter motor a few months ago. Maybe it is because of this.

Yes serious, yes expensive ( it is a Mercedes ) and dangerous .


Hard to say but bring it to the shop. Mercedes owners though should not be concerned with cost.

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Do you mean that when you turn right the left-front tire bounces? But you hear no grinding or metal on metal noises, right? hmmm … Turning right throws more weight than usual to the left side of the car, which might accentuate a suspension system problem on the left side. Loose ball joint, worn strut, worn bushing, something like that should be checked by a shop as a good start. It is something that might be dangerous so be extra cautious until you can get it to a shop.

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Thank you for you answer. It got worse and I took it to an independent garage. The mechanic told me that it is related to shaft drive which needs to be replaced. It will cost 200 pound incl labour. Do you think it is reasonable enough to do it?


It won’t heal itself. It can only get worse.

I think you mean the “drive shaft”. I believe your A 150 is front wheel drive, meaning it has two drive shafts, one on the left, and one on the right. I’m presuming then your left side drive shaft is the problem. You must be in the UK, b/c the left side there is the off-side. Plus your price quote is in pounds. In the USA the left side is the driver’s side. fyi, in the USA the terminology would be “axle shaft” rather than “drive shaft” for that part.

The Mercedes A150 isn’t sold in the USA as far as I can tell. It appears to be a smaller entry level Mercedes. hmmm … ok, I can tell you the price to replace the left side axle shaft for a 2006 Corolla: about $500 for the part and 3 hours labor, figure appx $800 total. That’s roughly 600 pounds. So if you can it done for 200 pounds, that seems a very good deal from where I’m sitting. I’m thinking however that the problem part isn’t the axle shaft, b/c of the cost discrepancy. Ask you shop to clarify which part they are replacing. Maybe it is just one CV joint.

One pretty common problem we hear here about axle shaft replacements is the wrong part gets installed. That’s causes all sorts of problems you don’t want. On the Corolla there’s probably 8 different part numbers to choose from depending on where the car is built, if it has abs or not, manual transmission or automatic, XRS or not XRS (whatever that means). So make sure your shop is a experienced w/Mercedes repair, and ask them to double check the part number they are using is compatible with your vehicle. Best of luck.

Hi George,

Thank you for your detailed reply. From your answer, I can understand that you are very experienced on these kinds of issues.

Unfortunately, replacing the drive shaft did not solve the problem. Today, the mechanic and I took the car for a test drive and the same noise, metal-hitting-metal, or grinding metal sound still coming. Tomorrow, he will look at the offside front disc unit because it is coming from right somewhere there.
Fortunately, he will not charge me for anything he has done so far but not sure for tomorrow’s work.

Thank you for your suggestions.

In the original post you said the offside front bounces. Has the symptom changed then? And does it still occur only when turning right?

There’s several possibilities for the sound you describe. A growling noise could be a faulty wheel bearing. A clicking noise could be an outer CV joint. A grinding noise could be an inner CV joint. If it changes when braking, could be just the brake pads are at their wear limit and you are hearing the “pads need replacing” warning gadget clattering. Other ideas: Motor and transmission mounts, steering rack, strut (e.g. broken spring), ball joint, tie rod. I wouldn’t guess it to be related to the starter motor or clutch repair. While either could cause a noise if done improperly or w/faulty parts, that noise wouldn’t usually occur only when turning.

Did you get some clarification from your shop which part was replaced in the first go? Was it the axle shaft? CV joint? Or something else? I think your shop has the right idea to check if the brakes are the source next

In the beginning, it was bouncing and making noise whilst turning right. However, after driving the car sometime, it got worse, making noise even in normal driving. Today, after offside front drive shaft was replaced, the noise was a kind of clicking while both turning right and left. The mechanic will look at the wheel bearing tomorrow (he is suspecting it).

The previous owner told me that the starter motor and clutch were replaced about 6 months ago (by the same mechanic).

I just wanted to buy a car that would not frustrate me but it is difficult to know for sure without driving it for sometime.
Thank you for your reply again :slight_smile:

Not that it matters but what the Heck is offside front ? Is that your way of saying passenger side ? Also have you tried any Mercedes forums based in Europe as your vehicle is not sold in the United States.