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OEM parts vs after market

What is the best brand name for wheel bearings? Some of them are junk. I’ve had 3 sets of front wheel bearings fail after only a few hundred miles.

TRW or Moog…

I once had repeated wheel bearing failure that was just due to improper installation. This was when I learned do wheel bearings - I wasn’t the one who kept installing them incorrectly.

One part of correct installation involves new seals. Another is following whatever procedure is required to properly seat them and then leave them with the right tension on them (which is almost none).

If you’re talking about sealed hub bearings (which the corolla might have, I don’t actually know), then you are looking at bad dust seals and/or bad parts - or some other kind of problem in the front end such a suspension issue that is have a bad impact on the bearings.

Better if you state the brand that is failing on you.

If the bearings are not sealed they must be hand packed in bearing grease or they will fail. It’s a common mistake with DIYers.

Right on. That should have been in my notes about proper bearing installation - took it as too obvious but maybe its not!

Another thing easy to skip is replacing the races, take a bit more work, but is necessary.

Repeated failures generally point to an installer problem rather than a parts failure. These bearings should be sealed one-piece units but it would help to know the year model of the car and what brand of bearing was purchased.

Im betting its installer based failure…You need to know what you are doing when pressing bearings into the hub…and the idiots that press on the center race to install them just ruined a perfectly good bearing during install…happens all the time. The installer needs to use or put force on the outer edge of the bearing carrier to install them…any other method will JUNK your new bearings.

I havent seen any bearing failures after installing new…I dont think ever… I have seen other installers have issues and didnt study how they put them in but…I can pretty much guarantee you they didnt do them right. Bearings are made to some pretty tight specs…I doubt that they would get out the door if they had an inherent issue…

Some installers are also of the opinion that a “press” is a 5 pound sledge and a large socket.


Absolutely - I was taught that you had to go the 10 lb sledge minimum :wink:

Moog is better than OEM