Odorless toxic fumes



@db4690 Exhaust system was tested with smoke test with engine cold then hot. Exhaust was also plugged and checked for leaks with compressed air. Catalytic converter was checked for restrictions with manifold vacuum test and probes at O2 sensor.


@SteveCBT CO would get all riders sick. Only I get sick.


@oamadrigal You state that it does not take much time for you to feel the sickness in your vehicle. The solution is to take a good test drive in something else and if you don’t get sick buy it.


@texases Refrigerant R134a does have a distinctive smell. I checked by releasing some from AC ports. AC works fine. Leaks would drain system.


There was a recent post from a lady with a similar problem. But, her symptoms occurred with the windows up or down. She finally narrowed it down to some sort of contamination under the driver’s side floor mat and into the padding underneath the carpet. Since it is the collection point for anything that gets tracked in or spills, the irritant may be coming from there. A car detail shop should be able to shampoo the carpet and see if that helps.


@keith Cleaned out AC compartment to check for mold. Replaced cabin filter. It just filters large particles.


@the_same_mountainbik I did not dissassemble the AC system. That doesn’t make sense. I really don’t want to create more problems. Typically I drive with AC off and make sure to disable it.


@VOLVO_V70 No one else has these symptoms. I am also starting to develop similar symptoms in a high-mileage VW Jetta.


@the_same_mountainbik Exhaust system was tested under operating temperatures. Normal exhaust pressures are low. Not CO and gas analyzers were used to test under driving conditions.

I have owned the car for 15 years. No smoking and no scented anything. I know I am allergic so I keep everything as clean as possible.


@texases Valve cover was replaced. Possible oil leaks from oil pump, rear main seal, oil pan.


@circuitsmith I have tested AC on/off. Nothing changes. Normally I drive with windows down sun roof open and respirator mask.


@Triedaq Yes I prefer recirculate off. It still makes little difference.


@meanjoe75fan I drive with windows open. Plenty of fresh air but it doesn’t help. I just recirculate to close engine air vents but it really doesn’t work.


@Nevada_545 Oil vapors are getting me sick not the fresh air.


@VOLVO_V70 I’m looking for a solution to fix my toxic car. I already have a newer car.


@BustedKnuckles Yes @dognostrils said it was the transmission oil


It appears there is not a "fix " for this vehicle. Just replace it. A vehicle that made me sick would have been gone a long time ago.


+1 to @VOLVO_V70

If this is the only car giving only you problems, get rid of it. Looks like you tried everything else.


@VOLVO_V70 My wife and kids drive it. They have no ill effects. However just because they have no symptoms doesn’t mean it is safe. I am afraid of long turn effects such as lung cancer.

The purpose of my post was to inform all owners of high-mileage vehicles to be careful that they might be exposed to high levels of toxic fumes from engine oil despite not feeling anything while driving. Driving cars is hazardous to your health and most people don’t know it. That was the main point I have been trying to make.

The are no gas analyzers publicly available to test toxicity in cars nor any environmental testing centers in US. Gov and DMV don’t requires any toxic testing only Smog.


@SteveCBT Perhaps everyone should just get rid of all older cars and buy new ones. It’s not the response I wanted but I’m sure it makes car dealers and manufactures happy.

I never knew that cars were meant to be disposable. After about 125k miles and/or 10 years they are pretty much toxic junk.