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Octane Ratings

My Harley requires 91 octane. In Texas 87, 89, 91, and 93 is available. After moving to Colorado, 85,87,and 91 octane is readily available. My question is: Can I use a lower octane number rating in Colorado (87 vs.91) as my Harley does not require the highest rated octane available? Thanks, Panohog

For such small $$, I would use 91.

It all depends on what your owners manual states. Is 91 octane “recommended” or “required”? If the manual states that 91 octane is “required” then use 91 octane. Since the Harley gas tank is so small why risk damaging your engine for a few cents?

You answered your own question right in your opening statement “My Harley requires 91 octane”