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Oct 2nd show mentioned 10 most hated cars

I can’t find where on this website the 10 cars most hated by Tommy and Ray for their reliability are listed. I’m just curious and now I’ve wasted more time than I did listening to the show this morning.

Here ya go:

Most of those hated were imported? Americans really are so Nationalistic. Congratulations!!!

I’m not sure why they hate some of those vehicles. Some of those on that list would have made you a small fortune if you were skilled in head gasket or transmission repairs, among other problems, depending on model years.

My own list of cars I disliked intensely:

  1. 1957 Plymouth 6; truly a biodegardable do-it-yourself kit.

  2. Russian Lada; very poor electricals and very unreliable.

  3. Yugo; this was a poorly made Fiat, if such a thing is possible

  4. Any Fiat; especially the 128 and the larger one which the Lada copied. Unreliable and short lived ion every way

  5. French Simcas; cute when they were new, then downhill all the way quikly. Maximum life about 5 years

  6. Any Vauxhall made in the UK. Unreliable rust buckets. My neighbor had a flat ion his 2 year old one and the jack was already so rusted, it was unusable!

  7. Ford Maverick and Mercury Comets. The pre-1975 model were rust buckets with terrible seats, assembled from the cheapest stuff in Ford’s parts bins. Only the C-4 transmission was sturdy.

  8. The Vega; a legend in corporate apathy, full of novel things (no cylinder liners) and short cuts. A truly lousy car in every respect.

  9. The Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare. After the excellent Darts and Valiants, only Chrysler could follow up with a truly dismal sucessor; and here we thought you learned from experience to make things better all the time.

  10. The first GM X cars. Engine, steering and transmission problems galore. My brother had the Olds version. Cute car but he dumped it after 2 years.

Any early Audi,any CIS car (when acting up). Older Kia Sportage not one of my favorites. Lumina APV and its cousins (espically AC work). Type 3 VW with AFC fuel injection (when acting up). Munual trans 4wd pickups with PTO’s when they need clutches,really bad news.