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Occasional power steering failure

Have a 96 Camry with 66K miles on it. did a Valvoline power steering fluid flush at 63K. Weather: was rainy last week, this week nights have been hovering around 30, and its been 60 during the day. experienced no problems this winter or any other time until 2 weeks ago when I would be going around a left turn. slowing down to make a turn onto a side-street the power steering would cut out for a brief second. it almost felt like I had a low tire pressure, checked it, made sure all were up to 32psi, drove it and then this week it has been cutting out left and right, literally. no matter which direction I turn, or how fast I am going. if I turn the wheel hard enough, the power steering will cut out. I have noticed it on highway off-ramps, as well as slower turns. This is especially noticeable on slow side-street type turns where it will happen 3 or so times as I get deeper into the turn. It is also noticeable when coming out of the turn as it will be difficult to get the car to come out of the turn once it is initiated. This problem has been happening around every turn but it is intermittent. What is wrong!?!

Might be a loose or worn ps belt slipping. Why did you do the flush?

A family member has a 96 Camry that exhibited the exact same symptoms you’re describing… the problem is I can’t remember what they did that fixed the problem. I know that they did NOT have to change the steering rack, which should be a huge relief for you that you might have a similar problem - because the rack is the one really expensive repair that you might have needed to fix this problem - the pump or a belt are pretty cheap by comparison.