OBD 2 accuracy

A teachable moment, I had to look that up. Learn something new everyday.

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Ford didn’t go that far with the Mustang… The models that display oil pressure do have senders.

But I do have and oil temperature gauge that is purely software as there is no temp sensor. I doubt it is correct given that I added ad oil cooler…that the car doesn’t know about… so I don’t pay much attention to it.

If at a track day, I put the changeable gauge display to trans temp and then I have “coolant temp” gauge permanently on the cluster. If I data record off the OBD2 port, I record cylinder head temp, the software coolant temp, trans temp and the 0 or 1 oil pressure output just to make sure I’m not starving it momentarily.

I still recall my surprise the first time I opened up the 427 in my '69 Corvette to find the trap door baffle in the oil pan. The design of the pan reservoir only goes so far. If you’re sticky enough and aggressive enough, momentary oil starvation is definitely something to watch out for. Great idea adding a monitor for that.

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I spent money to find that little problem on previous cars! :money_mouth_face:

One was solved with an Accusump oil accumulator. The other with an Accusump AND a fancy $$$ oil pan with several swinging baffles!

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