O2 sensor

I have a Cadillac CTS 2003 v 6 3.2 Liter. I replaced the bank 2 sensor 2 but I’m still getting the codes P0058 and PO161. Is there anything I missed?
Please help! Thank you!

Sounds like the O2 sensor isn’t getting heater power. Are you any good with a multimeter? You’ll have to get a schematic and check voltages at the connector, as well as do a good visual of the connector plug. Often these kinds of problems are in the plug itself.

You should be able to get a schematic from the dealer’s parts window if you ask nicely. They’re usually happy to print one for you.

Indeed - what mountainbike said. Codes can’t indicate problems with parts. They can only deal with problems in circuits of which the part is only one aspect. Between the PCM (that “sees” the error) and the parts are all those darned wires.

From kjack. Thank you for your help! The same mountain bike and cigroller