O2 sensor



Is there a home kit you can use to detect what sensor is bad, I have a 1999 suburban


You should try to get to autozone and ask them to scan the truck then post the results here.


I did not know they could that for you,thanks.


If you’re interested, you can buy a basic scanner for about $60 or so. That can also be done at an autozone, or other places like it.

But a scanner will NOT tell you that an O2 sensor is bad. It will tell you where to start with diagnosis of a problem.


Yes, there are OXYGEN SENSOR TESTERS. I wish more (many more?) mechanics would use them. Their use would save a lot of erroneously changed oxygen sensors. Here’s one for $126 http://www.tooldiscounter.com/ItemDisplay.cfm?lookup=SHEST05&source=froogle&kw=SHEST05126 :