Not going to lie, never change oil 2002 mazda mpv


Perhaps she needs to meet the Volvo mechanic from the Jerry Seinfeld show! Don’t know if you ever saw it but it was pretty funny. The mechanic stole the car because Jerry wasn’t taking appropriate care of it (based on the mechanic’s impeccable standards)…

No, she is not a troll. She just does not especially care for a car as a thing, as most of us do. I know a lot of men and women just like her, except worse.

Going on to a car-repair focused website, admitting that you never change your oil, while also admitting that you know it’s contrary to car-repair-knowledgeable advice (not going to lie) and then laughing at the people (and making sure to tell them that you’re laughing at them) who tell her it’s a bad idea is classic troll behavior.

Frankly, I was being kind. The other option is that she’s an idiot. I choose to think better of her :wink:

I would hate for a perfectly fine new car to suffer due to OP’s blatant negligence

Na, it was changed a few times along the way when she bought tires or something. No way 160k miles on original oil.

Wait up, I’m not laughing at you, I"m laughing with you. Look, I’m no troll, just a little brat. And I’ve never bought a new car, I only do this with my used cars, which are already leaking oil.

I have had two Mazda’s, first a used pickup, it was leaking oil from the get go, 80,000mi. so I just kept adding it when needed. Then after that truck died, 180,000 mi., I moved onto this mazda mpv 2002. I got a few oil changes for the first year I owned it, then when it started leaking oil about 90,000 mi. I stopped.

I assure you if I ever bought a new car I would change the oil. With the next used vehicle I buy, I am going to have it checked out before hand to make sure it isn’t leaking oil. I will put on my big girl pants and take it in for checkups, I mean oil changes whenever the oil light pops up on the dash.

" I will…take it in for … oil changes whenever the oil light pops up on the dash."

I really hope that you know for sure what that light indicates.
Some cars have a light indicating that it is time to add a qt of oil.
Some cars have a light or other indicator telling you that it is time to change the oil.
But…ALL cars have a light or other indicator telling you that your oil pressure is dangerously low.

If your “oil light” is of the latter variety, once it comes on, it essentially means that, unless the engine is shut down within seconds, serious damage will take place.

So…in addition to disagreeing with your no-maintenance plan on your current car, I strongly suggest that you read the Owner’s Manual of your next car in order to find out exactly what the “oil light” actually means. If it indicates low oil pressure, you will wind up destroying the engine of your next car if you use it as a guide to when to change your oil.

As my cars near “end of life”, I too begin to ignore maintenance, including changing oil. It’s never caused a problem.

I’ve seen car owners ignore changing their oil for long periods of their car’s useful life. And many somehow get away with it.

While it’s not something I’d do, it is your vehicle, and I’ll defend your right to treat it as you see fit.