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Noon warm-up on bitterly cold day?

On very cold days (-5 F or below), some people in my office go out at noon to start or drive their cars, thinking the cars will be more likely to start again at 5 p.m. Does it help to warm a car up at mid-day or are you just wasting gas?

Just let them do it,voicing your opinion that it is not necessary is pointless (it is not necessary).

Maybe these people have a secret (their car has a defect that makes it hard to start and cold makes it even worse)

Yea, they are wasting gas, but don’t tell them. Let them drive you and the guys out to a nice place for lunch.

It only works if you do it every HOUR! That is still much more wasteful than having a good battery, plugs, clean fuel sytem, proper weight oil, etc.
Some years ago I cnducted an Maintenance and Reliability workshop at a hotel in a Norhtern city. It was bitterly cold and the car’s block heater could not be plugged in.

The students insisted on seeing if my car would start after sitting outside all day at -25F. If not, they wanted their course money back! Thanks to the 0W30 synthetic oil, platinum plugs and a 1000 Cold Cranking Amps battery,the vehicle started instantly.

They are wasting gas. Do they go out at midnight and start their cars too? Their engines won’t be any warmer at 5 PM than if they had sat all day. This is silly, but they will probably continue to do it, no matter what anyone says. People get the strangest notions.