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Noisy Engine

2003 Chevy Tracker 4 cylinder. Engine rebuilt and cannot get lifters to quiet down. Replaced 3 times. Bent valves on first install. help

Jtestut, I Guess This Isn’t The Only Tracker With Noisy Lifters. Have You Seen A Copy Of A 2 Page GM TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) # 00 - 06 - 01 - 006D ?

1999 - 2003 Chevrolet Tracker with 2.0L or 2.5L engines : “Engine Tick Noise (Replace Valve

The condition is caused by “lifter bleed down” and air being trapped in the lifters, especially a condition in vehicles that have not been ru for a long time or " . . . or on vehicles
following a repair to the valve lifters and camshafts. "

The fix was to replace the lifters (16v or 24v) engines with lifters P/N 25178085.
Find a copy of this bulletin and see if this helps you.


I don’t know if this is still applicable but in the old days, we used to submerge the lifters in a can of oil and then use a pushrod to pump them up and down until all the air came out before installing them.

Who did the rebuilding? An '03 needing an engine overhaul already and for what reason; out of oil, engine sludge/coking, worn out due to high miles, etc?

There’s a ton of questions on this one but if engine sludge was a factor then I wonder if the block was vatted during this rebuild. If not, there’s the possibility of clogged oil galleys and which could have been the cause of the original engine demise.