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Noise when wet

I have a 2009 Town and Country. When it is raining and after I have gone 20 minutes or so driving and then come to a stop it makes a loud noise from the passenger side, sometimes the front most times the rear. It is a rattling metallic sound It sounds like a motorcycle engine sound. It continues for a few minutes and then stops. There seems to be a burning smell with it too. Any ideas?

Have your mechanic check the exhaust manifold.

Based on the symptoms, I would say that you either have a cracked exhaust manifold, or the bolts attaching the manifold need to be re-torqued, or perhaps the gasket between the manifold and the engine block needs to be replaced.

My POS Volvo displayed this exact problem as a result of a cracked manifold, and it only manifested itself when driven in the rain.

Im not sure the wet has anything to do with this…does it ever make this noise when dry? May be a heat shield issue…they get loose and rattle all the time…But the wet reference and burning smell have me a bit confused…does it do this in the dry at all…ever?

Never when dry only when it rains.

…just like my POS Volvo.