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Noise under the hood followup on 2005 Town and Country

I really appreciate the input thanks…and WILL try changing the belt tomorrow. Just one question though. I just got off the phone with my friend who said …“yep let’s do that” but asked if any had a thought to why the crank shaft Pully seemed to be a bit wobbly or at least appear that way when turning?

Again…thanks so much…hoping that’s all it is…is a belt! FYI…it is NOT a knock!

Many Crankshaft pulleys are actually a two piece design…or three piece…dunno…But basically what I am getting at is the main part of the pulley could be properly installed over the nose of the crank. and the outside can appear to wobble…this is because the outer piece actually floats on rubber. They use rubber to increase the damping effect…the proper name for that pulley is a damper afterall. What you see is the deformation of the rubber. They go bad when the rubber starts to shrink and the outer edge will squeal like a loose belt.

Now I am not sure of your design but it is very common to be made the way I outlined and could be the reason you see a wobble.

That’s it!! That’s the sound! It’s a squealing like a belt…so could that be the cause of the Squeal…IF we change the belt and there is still a squeal then that’s probably all it still could be correct? Can that outside pully be replaced?? Or would the engine have to be pulled and that entire crank be replaced??

Thanks again for your time AND answers!

Honda Blackbird Is Onto Something. The Part You Possibly Need To Replace Is The Crankshaft Damper Or Harmonic Balancer.

It is comprised of the center hub that fits on the crankshaft and the outer pulley that drives the Serpentine Belt.
The harmonic balancer is one part. You don’t replace it in pieces. The replacement of the balancer is ordinarily not rocket science. Usually the r/f tire and fender liner need to be remvoved to access the crankshaft bolt that holds the balancer in place. A puller is needed to remove it.