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Noise and burning smell

my 2003 jeep liberty makes a sound like waves at the ocean, and has a burning smell when I drive. the dealer says it is the ac compressor and i need a new one for $1000. does this sound right? can i drive car without getting it fixed - even with noise and smell/ please advise


The burning smell could be the serpentine belt that is unable to turn a frozen A/C compressor. If you don’t trust the dealer, get a second opinion from an independent shop. There is no real need to use the dealer for this sort of repair. In indy will probably be cheaper too.

Does it make the noise and smell with the A/C and defrost turned off. You may be able to drive it that way, but if you want to use the defrost you’ll have to disconnect the electricity going to the compressor. It comes on to help dry the air in the car when the weather is cold and wet. Pulling the fuse or wire to the compressor will work.

thanks, a lot. I think you hit the nail on the head. I live in Romania, and so the dealer is the only outfit here I do trust. Car is going to shop today. thanks again.