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No warmup inside of car

I have a 2002 chrysler sebring convertible,2.7 liter. It will not warm up in the winter. I start it up let it run for twenty min.I get no heat on inside only luke warm,the windshield won’t defost,but as soon as I start driving the heat will run you out of there.It only heats up when I start driving.full of coolent only 30,000 miles. any answers,thanks

If the engine is warming up normally the problem could be the blend door inside the HVAC system under the dashboard. The blend door controls interior air temperature.

If the engine is not warming up quickly the problem is the thermostat.

Also, check for air in the cooling system. An air pocket in the heaer core could cause this problem.

I agree that the problem is likely to be with the doors that control hot/cold air flow. Their position is controlled by engine vacuum. If you have a vacuum leak somewhere the doors will not adjust properly when idling.

If the above does not take care of your problem, I would suggest checking the water pump. However I suspect you will find the above suggestions will take care of the problem.

Chances are you have an air pocket in the cooling system.
Pay to have the cooling system properly bled, and I bet this will fix it.


There is a TSB about no heat and a clear memory process that restores it. Look up TSB’s for your cars heating and cooling system.