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No Power To Transmission - Dealer Finds Nothing

2003 Kia Sedona Van with 79,000 miles loses power to transmission after a 95 mile ride. reverse, loe gear still no go. Engine runs fine.

Car is towed to dealer and after sitting about 15 hours, service people start up car and it runs perfectly. They had the car for 3 days and found nothing. "Checked system for codes–None found.

What should I do?

Curious as heck. As HAL recommended for the AE35 array, use it and let it fail.

Can I assume that you attempted to turn off the vehicle and restart it to see of the condition went away? Did you disconnect the battery? I would think that it’s an electronic disconnect between the selector lever and its communication with the trans. It doesn’t have a physical connection, does it? as in a cable?

Service guy at the dealer did say that they tighten the cable.

I did turn off engine and restart when problem first happened. That was before it was towed to dealer.

Your post doesnt make much sense. First, when you say you lose power to the transmission are you talking about losing 12volts to the transmission?? Second, are you saying that after the 95 mile ride you lost ALL gears?? NOTHING worked?? No reverse, no forward gears at all?? Just a dead transmission?? We need to clarify this because if you lost ALL movement in the transmission both forward and reverse then checking for codes and going through electronic diagnosis wont give you the answer because the problem is hydraulic, not electronic. Clarify this so we can help you.


Dear transman,

Yes lost all gears. I do not know if I lost electrical power. Engine still running. Turned engine off, restarted, same thing all gears gone.

There was a slight grinding when I put the car into PARK.

The car was pulled up the flatbed backwards. It was towed to dealer on Sunday afternoon, so the car sat all night at the dealer before they looked at it.

According to service report the car was road tested for 28 miles.

I appreciate any help you may offer.


The fact that you got grinding when you put it in park is an interesting part of the problem. I’ll defer to transman on this, but I think that the grinding was from the trans output shaft still spinning when you shifted into park.

I would suspect either a bad axle or the axle popped out of the transmission.

Thats what I was thinking. That or something in the final drive assy.


I conclude you are up and motoring now but are concerned with the possibility of this happening again? Did the Dealer offer to keep looking if you agreed to keep paying? If you need to satisfy yourself that this vehicle won’t leave you stranded you need to find another mechanic (and be very selective) and accuratly describe the symptons,