No output from fan blower

My fan is not outputting air as I increase the flow. I can feel some air coming from the vents but very little. When I switch the climate from feet, to face, or to feet/face I can hear a noise that sounds similar to a CD player changing tracks (best way to describe it). What could be happening?

It sounds as though the blower motor isn’t operating. Either it isn’t receiving power due to a bad fuse, switch, wire, or some other problem, or the blower motor is shot. The noises you hear are the doors inside the system opening and closing to divert the airflow to the different places(feet, fact, defrost, etc).

If it is the blower, what does this part usually run to replace or can it be repaired?

If it does turn out to be the motor ot’ll typically run about $150 for the part alone. But I agree with Triedaq. It needs to be troubleshot. Someone needs to see if the fan motor is getting the appropriate voltages. If it is, the motor can be bench tested. If it’s not, the circuit needs to be traced back to see where the voltage disappears. Or, as I’d do next, check the fan motor relay.

By the way, have you checked the heater fan fuse?

Had a similiar problem w a 1998 buick,turned out to be the bearing in the blower motor was bad,it blew the resistor.I had to change the resister and the blower motor.

Thanks everyone for the information. I have a good idea what I need to look for when troubleshooting.

Fixed the fan issue. Now it doesn’t seem to be blowing out hot air when I turn up the digital heating?