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"No One Warned Us About Raising Kids"

I cannot believe that your mother never said, “Just wait until you have kids. Then you’ll understand.” EVERY mother says that.

Ummm…Are we supposed to understand the context in which you posted this?
Is this in response to another post, or is this just a random thought?

It’s in reference to a discussion Tom and Ray had on the most recent show where they were claiming that no one warned them how challenging raising children is.

Yep , every mother & dad says that.
& every kid forgets it until . . . . . .
“Just wait till you…” comes instinctively spewing from their lips as their eyes get big as saucers when they realize what they’re saying.

We had an empty nest since 1998 and no little tykes for all those years the younger one was a teen. So we grew into the extra rooms of the house, the extra spare time, and downsized the vehicle fleet.

Then life takes a u-turn and two grand nephews moved in 01/09 then the niece this january.
ages 4,6,& 10.

“No one warned us about raising kids”…AGAIN !

Suddenly ;
There’s not enough room in the house.
There’s not enough hours in the day
& There’s not enough room in either the 06 hyrid Escape or the 92 Explorer ( & certainly not in the 79 chevy pickup ).

But hey, family always comes first and we’re gettin’ 'er done :slight_smile:

I was at the Post Office today and while standing in line I started to read the greeting cards, one of them read “I made my house childproof but they keep getting in”

Life is what happens to you while you’re in the process of making other plans.