No one has the right-of-way anymore?

Some people care more about ‘being right’ than life.

The old California driver’s manual issued by DMV used to say that a person crossing the street outside of a crosswalk is not protected by the law if they were hit by a car. That being said, this leads to the definition of a crosswalk. Here in California, you may legally cross the street at any intersection if there is not a painted crosswalk provided that 1) there is no sign prohibiting crossing the street and 2) if there is no existing crosswalk within 100 feet. This is called an implied crosswalk.

I got into a minor flame war with a lazy idiot who, rather turn right out a post office and make a U-turn at the light 50 feet away, would turn left and drive the wrong way on a divided 1 lane street for 150 feet to cross the divider at a cross street to continue on her way. When I advised her of the implied crosswalk concept she quit talking.

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