No oil filter - 2008 Toyota Rav 4

A few years ago, I grabbed a filter out of our warehouse, and it didn’t fit

The part number, dimensions, etc. were all correct, but it wouldn’t screw on at all

The threads certainly looked identical to the old filter, which was the exact same brand. It was Wix, so it wasn’t some cheapo loser brand. I didn’t actually measure the threads, because I didn’t have the luxury of spending so much time on an oil change

near as I can tell, the box was unopened before I got it, and the filter didn’t look like anybody dropped it

I simply grabbed another filter and it installed perfectly

I gave the other filter to the warehouse guys and told them it was defective. They actually labeled it as such, so that they’d “get credit” when they were next restocked

I haven’t run into that very often

A few days ago I was working on a project (a custom designed and handbuilt ultralight transportable chair on wheels for a handicapped friend) and I grabbed two screws from the box. The first went in without a thought. The second, I could not get the phillips screwdriver to grab hold. A closer look reveal that the cross in the screwhead wasn’t properly formed. It happens. I’ve also grabbed a screw without threads. It happens. But in this case I’m not “feeling” that likelihood.