No oil caused engine to seize

I was just driving less than a mile and my engine seized due to no oil. No oil warning light came on and I checked the oil about 2 weeks ago and was at an adequate level. it’s a 1997 Plymouth Breeze. Not having allot of money, is there something simple that can be done to get the car running again?

I’m a bit puzzled. You checked the oil level about 2 weeks ago and it was at an “adequate” level? What exactly was the level (how far below the “max” line)?

Then, what happened to the oil? Did it leak out, or was the engine burning oil? How far did you drive in between checking the oil level and seizing the engine?

Then, why didn’t the “low oil pressure” light come on? That’s usually the last warning, just before the engine seizes.

Are you sure it seized due to lack of oil? How do you know? Is it possible something else happened, like the timing belt broke?

As for “simple” repairs, if the engine is seized, it’s doubtful. Your least expensive option would probably be to install a used junkyard engine.

If the engine seized due to lack of oil there’s not much hope. It’s probably junk.

Odd, however, that the oil pressure warning light didn’t come on.

I am going to guess there is a ton of stuff we aren’t ever going to find out about.

For example: How many miles on this vehicle?

What would make anyone think there is a simple repair that can fix a seized engine due to no oil? Is it because the real problem isn’t “no oil”? Maybe a timing belt?

If you are not 100% certain this is what happened to your car, you need to verify the diagnosis before condemning the engine. If you are certain the engine seized up due to lack of oil, your cheapest route for getting the car back on the road will be replacing the engine with a used one from a salvage yard. Installing it yourself will also save you a tremendous amount of money, if you are physically able. A $20 Haynes manual will give you direction, including photos, in how to do this, and a shop crane can be rented for a reasonable price for a day for the actual lifting and lowering portion of the job.

I also can’t help but suspect timing belt failure. That would be just as expensive of running it out of oil anyway since it’s an interference engine.

Thanks for your reply jesmed

It was just below the max line and I had planned to take it in for a change next week as it was just about at the 3,000 mile mark.

The oil probably leaked out yesterday while driving I hit something on the road, not sure just what, I did check under the car but didn’t see anything. It was dark and raining so there could have been a leak started. The oil warning light came on after the car stopped this morning. Not sure why it didn’t come on. I never ignore warning lights because of the potential costs that can happen, like now.

When the car died and the oil light came on I checked the oil and there was nothing left. Guess the car will just have to sit until I can save the money for it!

There is 62,587 miles on it now. Unfortunately I am disabled and also don’t have the knowledge to do something like this.

Wow, that is unfortunate. Start checking around to see if you can find someone who would put a used engine with a warranty in it, and how much they would charge.

Going to have to do that! Have to have wheels to get around in Vegas!

Actually, there are no miles on it now. After verifying that the engine is gone, unless everything else has been pristinely maintained, you might want to consider going with a nused car. How do you know the engine seized? Did you check the dipstick after this happened? It would be worth paying a mechanic to look at it.

Everything else is in great working order. Had a mechanic check it out before driving it out here from back East this summer after my Mother died.
Yes I did check the dip-stick and there wasn’t any oil left in it after it stopped running. Unfortunately I have no money and no credit as I had to declare bankruptcy after becoming disabled 2 years ago. So can’t get a car right now until I save up enough cash which is going to be rough as I am just making ends meet now! Just not a good few passed years!

Check your insurance. Do you have coverage for collision?

Yes I do! Didn’t think that would cover anything like this! Will have to check it out though! Thanks!

Would this situation be more likely handled by the “comprehensive” section of the insurance (the part the OP does not have on a 1997 Breeze). I know we think the incident occured due to a “collision” with something on the road but I think the people who wrote the policy were thinking more in the area of a “collision” with another vehicle,perhaps not.

The engine is scrap metal at this point. If the oil came on when it seized and if it comes on now when the key is turned to the RUN position then you apparently just overlooked the light, along with symptoms leading up to the seizure. People overlook oil pressure lamps and gauges every single day. It can be easy to do when the mind is elsewhere.
Before an engine seizes it will show some signs; rattling, sluggish running, knocking, etc.

Oil pressure lamp or oil pressure gauge, it does not matter. The oil level and other fluids should be checked every few weeks and even more often if the car is on an extended highway trip.

While it’s theoretically possible that insurance could cover an engine it better be cut and dried that a road hazard is what led to it. It’s pretty iffy even then.

It could be that if you were running at high speed, that the engine was getting just enough oil pressure to turn off the light with the tiny quantity of oil that was left in the engine. But who knows. Sounds like you need a new engine at this point, but I would verify that it’s actually seized… Will the starter turn the engine?

No, the starter will not turn the engine.

Thank You all for your input/advice! I will be looking to find a shop that can do put another engine in.

Happy Holidays!

I have seen a few camshafts seize and stop the engine from cranking. You might get that checked before trashing the entire engine.