No matter what windows fog up

So my cadillac went from windows fogging up at certain times due to weather conditions to now no matter what the conditions every window is fogged up everytime im in the thing. I am at a loss of what could be causing this.

If the air coming out smells sweet, your heater core has a leak. If you’ve had to top off your coolant, that is confirmation. Very bad for your health so get the system pressure tested.

There is a drain to let condensation out from the ac coil if that clogs, watrr can build up and cause this. It just needs to be unclogged. Cheap and easy fix.


And if neither of those are the problem, check for wet areas on your carpet caused by a leak of some kind, or a plugged drain line for the sunroof or a/c causing water to leak into the passenger compartment.


You may have your hvac system set to “recirculate” rather than fresh air. And, for Pete’s sake, you’ve got a modern automatic hvac system in that car, keep it on at all times.

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The film on the window would also be very slimy and hard to clean off, as another clue.

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Maybe something is broken and the air is stuck in recirculate mode.

Try hanging this inside the car to see if it’s excess moisture in the air or if there’s another problem.



Another idea,ask shop to make sure the AC drain-tube is clear.

Have you verified the ac compressor clutch is engaging?


Is the cowling in front of the windshield clear?