No low heat dodge ram 2003

Just had a water pump replaced now I have low heat when driving. I had to the water pump replaced out of town so taking it back isn’t an option. I’m thinking that there is air trapped in the system, but I don’t know how to bleed the system. Any suggestions or should I just take it to a shop?

2003 dodge ram 4 x 4 V8

I’m sure some of these professional mechanics can better advise you, but I usually just fill the radiator, drive it and top it off again. A few times usually gets rid of the air. (for me).

Some vehicles have a special bleed valve located at a high point on the engine, which lets allow complete filling of the cooling system.

You’re vehicle’s owner’s manual may address this.

I think your thermostat is stuck open. That would cause the engine to not build heat in the system properly. Air in the cooling system should be a non-issue. As the coolant flows, it’s self bleeding.


thanks all I’ll check the owner’s manual, I’m sure the thermostat isn’t stuck open, I show normal operating temp, on the gauges, and every once in a while I’ll get a blast of nice hot air. I’ve heard of air getting trapped in the heater core, and I’m thinking that might be it. I would take it back to the shop that replaced the water pump, but they are over and hour away and between my time driving back and forth, gas etc it would be cheaper to have my local shop take a look at it.

On all my other trucks, Fords, all I’ve ever had to do was fill it up, start it up, let it warm up, then top it off. This is my first Dodge so I’m not as familiar with them as I am with Fords.