No heat

my Saturn ls does not blow out any heat at all… what would b the problem with the car??

The first thing that I would check is to see that the radiator is completely full. Bleed the cooling system if necessary. Simply looking at the overflow tank does not work if the hose and radiator cap are not working properly. The tank could be full and the radiator could be nearly empty. Does your heater/AC fun run properly on all speeds?

All good ideas above. I’ll chime in w/a couple other ideas. Does the coolant temp gauge get into the mid-range after driving 15 minutes or so? If it stays in the low range, the thermostat could be stuck open. More likely though, the heat control valve or the vent doors for the heater are probably stuck shut. How to fix it depends on how yours works. One thing fairly easy to do as a diagnostic is drive the car for 15 minutes with the heat on high, then pop the hood and feel the two heater hoses that go through the firewall. Can provide some clues what’s going on.