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NO Heat

When I start to turn the thermostat dial from blue to red as soon as I move it a door starts to close and open. I think this is the door to close outside air because I don’t get any heat out of the vents just cold air. The AC works but heat does not work.

Check the engine thermostat. It may be staying closed and not allowing hot antifreeze to enter the heater core.
How is the gas mileage? This is another clue to a bad thermostat.

Presumably you’re going by sound in reference to the door closing and opening. Its not likely the fresh air door but the blend door.

Do check your coolant level and make sure that your car is actually getting up to full operating temperatures. There is some possibility that the problem is in the cooling system (low/leaking; bad thermostat).

But give the reference to the door you probably have to deal with the blend door problem. This normally involves some interior disassembly.

You should get heat on either inside or outside air. Defrost works best on outside air

Did you check coolant level?