No heat in cabin of 92 camry v6


I have an intermittant problem with the engine overheating. At the same time, the cabim heat blows cold and eventually the coolant boils out. I installed a new thermostat which made the intermittant problem a permenant one. Would a bad water pump cause this?


Yes it could be a water pump. The lack of cabin heat is likely the result of air in the cooling system. Of course there are other possibilities. Is that Camry one of those that has sludging problems?


If the water pump is bad you’d have other problems.

What does the temp guage show???

what do you mean the coolant boils out??? Could you explain a little more what is happening??


Sounds like you could have a head gasket failure.


I drained and flushed the radiator with DI H2O twice before installing a new thermostat. After one of the flushes, I drove it hard with just the DI water and the thermostat removed. Althogh the engine took a bit longer to heat, the system worked great. Heat in the cabin and the heater guage never went above less than half. Don’t know about sludge problems.


The temp guage runs to the top if I let it. If this happens, the coolant will eventually flow out from the over flow tube in the coolant reservoir. Whenever this happens, there is also no heat in the cabin. But before I replaced the thermostat this was happening only intermittantly. If I parked the car for a day or so, it might work fine for weeks. Now the problem is consistant.


I agree with Willey. It does sounds like there are exhaust gases getting into the coolant. I suggest you have a block check done to see if that is correct. When this happens the gases will get into the heater core and stop the heat transfer of the coolant so the heater blows cool air instead of hot.


I take back the consistant comment. I just took the car on the road and the cabin heat now comes on again and the engine Temp guage is below 1/2 and is stable.