No haggle pricing

I am certain there is another company other tham Saturn that won’t dicker on price. I keep looking back at the cars I have recently viewed, but I can’t find it. Sorry for the dumb question, but can anyone help?



Yeah, Scion.

Everything. Certain dealers capitalize on the reluctance of many customers to dicker and offer no haggle pricing on all the brands they sell. There is a dealer near me that sells Chevy, Cadillac, and Ford cars and trucks. The price is on the windshield and nonnegotiable. I did negotiate a lower price on my Silhouette when I bought it from them, however. Still, their advertised prices are often lower than MSRP.

None of them will haggle if you are willing to pay the sticker price.

Exactly…many people are unwilling to do their “homework” before buying a car. You’re not there to make friends. Just remember all the people that were unwilling to do their homework,ask questions and haggle that now have foreclosed mortgages.

I just bought a scion I was worried about the way they price trade in,s I went to four places all different cars. all four places was with in 5 miles of other andthey all are owned by the same people. I got $5600 from scion $2800 from kia $2500from chevy $2900 from the last shop all cars were with in $1000 of each other. but kia was giving me 2 percent interest. the other was giving me a discount. you know the spill. after looking at the hold deal at the pay off I got the scion. look at the pay off this will tell you what the real cost is.

Even no haggle pricing may involve many overhead charges and fees for filing papers and so forth. And if you finance through them there may be more charges. Why don’t you just find out what you want and ask the dealers to give you their best “drive away price” over the internet. The last two cars I bought this way and the dealers lived up to their word.

Saturn is overpriced due to their “policy”. There are certain delaers who offer vehicles at set prices which can be good deals. Once you know what you want call around starting furthest dealer away. You will find what price is offered and then go from there. If you walk into a dealer be prepared for the negotiation I believe your fearing.

I purchased both my Subaru’s over the phone near invoice - rebates each in about 15 mins. I did test drive bother earlier and then left promptly said I would think about it.

Going into the dealer to negotiate is setting yourself up for some serious time wasting and back-forth, good luck.

I’d bet BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini won’t dicker on price.

Personally, I find the dicker-less pricing to be a disadvantage to the consumer. The dealer can charge whatever he/she wants, and that’s that.

A colleague found that while Saturn won’t haggle on the price, they will haggle on the trade-in allowance if you are trading in a vehicle. He found $2000 difference in his trade-in allowance between two different Saturn dealers. In most dealerships, the new car sales and used car sales are two diffeent departments with two different managers. Each department must show a profit. When a person trades in a car, there are two different transactions: 1) the dealership is selling a car and wants to get the most money for the sale; and 2) the dealership is buying your car and wants to pay as little as possible. There will be a difference among dealers when a trade-in is part of the negotiations. My Dad encountered this problem back in 1938 when he was purchasing a new Chevrolet. The dealer didn’t want to negotiate off the price. My Dad asked the dealer if he should go find an old junker for $25 and roll it it to get a good discount off the price. The dealer then did negotiate. Things haven’t changed in 70 years.

I think there is a used car dealer like CarMax or Autonation that has no haggle pricing too.

There are several (but very few) dealers that offer no haggle pricing. They don’t have salesman (per-say). They have order takers that DON’T work on commission. There use to be one in MA, and I went there once but I was able to get a better deal by haggling with another dealer.

MSRP is the price that is recommended by the manufacturer. And you can usually beat that by severl thousand dollars with very little effort. If the dealer won’t go much below MSRP…I walk.

And there are many people whose personality does not allow them to negotiate. They are too shy to interact this way - it is too confrontational. They seem to want friends everywhere.