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No Gear Indicated

I just put in a new transmission and after (seemingly) hooking everything back up the car will not start. When the key is turned on the car goes through its diagnostics cycle, however when I turn the key the car is not starting. Looking at the instruments, it is not showing any of the gears being selected, that is to say there is no box around the P R N D 2 1, which shows which has been selected by the column shifter. Suggestions?

How is it that you could have just installed a transmission and yet you go to a website where no on knows anything at all about the car or anything else and all you can say is “the car is not starting.” C’mon man - put yourself in the other set of shoes.

The car cranks over but doesn’t fire?
Or you turn the key and just hear clicking?
Or you turn the key & get only power to accessories but no crank or click or anything?

I suspect that it is the last one and I further suspect that your neutral safety switch (or its equivalent) has a problem - damaged in the install, wiring harness damaged, plug dirty or damaged…whatever.

Come on – give us at least the year of this Buick, the engine size and configuration, and the transmission designation. The rest of the specifics we can guess at.

Your car is punishing you for not properly taking care of it, and also for not providing us enough information to assist you.

You need to sacrifice 3 rear wheel hub assemblies in order for your car to be appeased, along with providing us with the information requested.