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No fluid to RF caliper

RF caliper free, new rubber hose, brake line clear & unkinked. Can get fluid pressure when cracking the line at the ‘ABS’ aluminum block but nothing at caliper ??? ABS problem?

How about if you crack the line where it goes into the caliper? If you have fluid there, then it’s probably the nipple itself that is plugged. Remove it completely and see that fluid comes out the nipple’s hole, and the holes in the nipple are clear.

Sounds as if the bleeder screw is clogged. Remove it and clean it out. I used to do this with a pin vise and very small drill bits. While your doing that see if fluid is coming out of the caliper. Don’t worry, its ok, it will not suck air back into it. Its called gravity bleeding. If so then the problem is solved. Install the screw and let it bleed/run until clean fluid comes out. Do not let the master cylinder run out.