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No cold Air Conditioning

I am having an air conditioning problem with my 1994 F150 (244,000 miles) no cold air is coming out.

The air conditioning clutch off the serpentine belt engages for about 3 second every 15 seconds. When reading the pressure at the port where one adds the Freon, it seems the clutch disengages when the pressure gets to high and turns on when the pressure gets to low. The bottom line is that I do not get cold air inside the cab. Thinking about replacing parts but before doing anything does anyone have any thoughts?

did you check to see if you low on freon /134a.i think in that year ford they were using you would have to retrofit to 134a.i do not now if that is your problem.

Is the refrigerant level correct? The compressor is not running very long, which often means low refrigerant.

Does your truck use R12 or R134a?

Sounds like a low charge. Your truck does use R134a so it shouldn’t be too expensive to refill. However there is probably a leak and you’ll want that fixed or else the refridgerent will just keep leaking away. A dye test is what I would do.

I agree. A dye test is usually the only way to pinpoint the location of the leak.

I recently put some R134a, but I’ll check it may require R12 instead.

I may have the wrong gas.

If it’s a 94, then it’s R134a.