No "check engine light"

2002 Altima 6 cyl. 110,000 mi. I went in for an admission test, and it failed do to “check engine light” not coming on when the key was turned. Now Nissan wants to charge me $600 to fix it. They are putting in a new dashboard. Do I have any recourse?

I meant “Emissions test”

Go to an independent for a lower price. The dealer, evidently, has decided that the dash has to come out to replace the LED light, or something.
First, check fuse #14 (10A). The LED lamp for the check engine light may be burned out. If you are handy, you could try to change it. If not, let the independent shop do it.

I don’t see the need for a new dashboard to fix this. I assume you mean something else.

I don’t have any experience with your model car but I have worked on Subarus with a similair problem. The problem on them was inside the ECU. The CEL light is controlled by a switched ground lead in the ECU and the component controlling the ground lead was bad. Normally the entire ECU would have to be replaced then. I was able to replace the bad component in the ECU and fix the trouble. The system for your car may work in a similair way and if so a replacement ECU is needed. The repair cost you showed is about right for that kind of thing. If it is the ECU you may be able to find a replacement at a salvage yard or purchase a refurbished unit at a lot lower cost than the new dealer price.