Nissan Sentra cold start noises

Hi all,

I recently bought my Nissan Sentra from Carmax, and drove it cross-country from Maryland to New Mexico for a job. I noticed along the way that from a cold engine start, whenever I would reverse, shift to drive, and turn the wheel to straighten, I would hear a noise that sounds like pulling the parking brake coming from the tire area. The engine also makes a knocking noise when the accelerator is pressed, but gets better as the engine warms up (which I’m told is a gasket). Finally, when driving from a cold start and the transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd, I hear a metallic clunk that sounds like someone hitting a metal shaft.

Any thoughts/concerns? I’ve read something about a premature bearing failure, if that’s relevant.

Nissan Sentra
Model-Year ?

The first issue you describe with turning the wheel sounds like a loose PS belt screeching when you require more Hydraulic pressure by turning the wheel…you need to tighten your PS belt most likely.

The trans issue shifting from 1st to 2nd doesnt bode well…does it make this noise all the time or only when cold?