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Nissan sentra 1996

My car stalls repeatedly while I am driving. I quickly put it in neutral and start it again. this can happen 4 or five times on a 30 minute trip, or sometimes, not at all. Someone said it could be the Mass Air Flow Sensor or Meter. Tried a new one and the car is still stalling. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Sorry, the car is a Nissan Pathfinder, 1996, not a Sentra.

Nissan’s of this era have lots of ignition switch problems, its possible yours is broken and is turning your car off at the key. Jiggle the key and see if you can duplicate the problem. You don’t need a new lock cylinder, but the switch that it connects to.

Does it always start again right away? Check your ground cables, negative battery to engine block. This problem does have the aroma of an electrical issue…

Yes, it sounds familiar to me. Throwing a part at the problem based on someone’s guess and not having it work is common. Oh, you mean the problem itself…

If it’s starting up immediately again and not storing any fault codes in the ECU, TXdealer may be right. If the ignition switch “opens” the “run” circuit(s), the system will think it’s been shut off and not store codes. If you were losing ignition, your system shold store codes.

But there are other possibilities. Loss of fuel, and even a defective inertial switch could act this way. Some vehicles have and inertial swittch that when in detects a signal it interprets as an accident cuts power to the fuel pump.