Nissan Rogue, changing brake fluid one time per year

I just brought my 2012 Nissan Rogue in for it’s 12 month check up and they told me that they need to change out the brake fluid to prevent moisture in fluids. It cost $95 and I don’t remember EVER having this done with my other cars. Recommendation is to have it done once a year because we live in a beach community where there’s lots of moisture. Thoughts?

It’s a good idea to change it out every 3 to 5 years, but it’s not necessary every year.
HOWEVER, find the manufacturer’s recomended maintenance schedule that came with your car and follow that. Lots of dealers now are recommended services that are not needed and services much more often than needed in order to raise revenues. Your manufacturer’s recommendations should be your guide.

All the 'ole pros on here say to change it every 2, 3, 4, years but I have never changed the brake fluid in any car I have had. I don’t remember ever changing a master or wheel cylinder either. I hace only been driving 64 years.

You can check the moisture level of the brake fluid yourself with a test strip such as this.

If you live on a coastal area where the humidity is high, and since brake fluid is hygrosopic you might need to have the brake fluid replaced every year. But the test strip will indicate that.


@Kitkat1, you’re supposed to change brake fluid every 2 years.

No manufacturer has a 1 year replacement interval.

Back in the dark ages of the 20th century, brake fluid was considered permanent. It never needed changing. More recently, a few manufacturers have started to recommend a 3-year replacement interval. Many “experts” have taken up this cry for all cars. Still, most manufacturers (including the owner’s manual of my new Hyundai) say nothing about brake fluid replacement. The engineers consider it permanent.

Ignore your dealer’s advice. They merely want to up their profits. Living in a beach community is a meaningless excuse. In a couple of years you might consider replacing the fluid. But first, consult your owner’s manual about this topic. Nissan may well be one of the manufacturers which is indifferent about brake fluid.

my 81 honda accord need its fluid changed every 2 years also same with German cars

My '09 vehicle manual never mentions changing the brake fluid. (Or the air in the tires either)

3 years, sure, good idea. 1 year - no way.

You need to read the FACTORY MAINTENANCE RECOMMENDATIONS. Not what the dealer might give you. Then when you go in YOU TELL THEM what needs to be done. They’ll try and force you to get unneeded services (2 of 3 of mine have). Just say NO THANKS unless they can show it to you in the factory manual.

The one good dealer? My Chevy dealer, never tried to sell me unneeded work. The other two? Lexus and Lincoln. I’ll see about the Lincoln, he came out with a 'next visit you’ll need A, B, C…" where B and C weren’t needed.

I quit using the Lexus dealer just because of this issue.

Maintenance guide but can it be trusted?

I did not see anything in the manual, call another dealer and ask to see if they concurr.

2012 Nissan Schedule 1 (More Severe): change brake fluid every 15000 miles/12 months, half as often under schedule 2 (less severe). Severity = how severe the dealer needs your money…

That means the person who started this thread 8 years ago has had 8 Brake fluid changes by now.

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If he’s super conscientious, stupid, or rich. My daughter’s 2012 Versa just went through it for the first time at ~45k, but it was because she mentioned to someone at Express Oil Change that one of the brake lights flashes intermittently and they noticed that the car was overdue. I think the last time I ever had a brake fluid change was over forty years ago when I was told at Sears it was needed during a brake overhaul. I don’t think I ever told myself that, even when I replaced a brake piston. Probably just lucky.

That wouldn’t be caused by stale brake fluid. It’s something wrong with the brakes, and should be checked out by a good independent shop.

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I’m sorry, I worded it wrong; I meant on the dashboard. But I don’t remember if she said the regular brake warning light or the ABS light, or something else. [My 2008 Prius recently had ALL the brake warning lights come on, which required a $2000 actuator replaced, so I traded it in.]
I’m figuring that probably the fluid was just low, but that they suggested replacing it because it was over due.

It STILL wouldn’t be caused by stale brake fluid.

Agree with @texases… It means there is something wrong with the brakes.

Read up on why you should change the most neglected fluid in your car.

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That is very likely what the problem was.


You’re responding to a comment I made 8 years ago?

I can’t remember what I said 8 hours ago :wink: