Nissan Pickup Speedometer and Fuel Gauge



I recently purchased a beat up 1992 Nissan Pickup not from a dealer. When i went for a test drive, I didn’t notice anything odd about the speedometer. But when i drove the following days i noticed that the Speedometer was not keeping accurate speed, in that i felt that the needle was not moving as fast as i was accelerating. also, when i come to a stop the needle will stop at the speed that i was previously going, i.e. if i was going 25 mph and then come to a stop sign, then the needle will stay at 25 mph while i am stopped. Is this a fixable problem, and how easy is it to fix, and about how much will it cost to fix. Also, my fuel gauge is not very accurate either. Is this a fixable problem, and how much will it cost to do so?


I don’t know if your Nissan pickup truck has a speedometer driven by a mechanical cable or if it is operated electronically. If it is operated mechanically, the problem sounds as though it is in the speedometer itself. You might ask a used car sales manager if he knows of a shop that can rebuid the speedometer head. The fuel gauge may be suffering from a bad float on the sending unit in the gas tank. With an 18 year old truck I think I would just live with it.