Nissan Pathfinder A/C Question

Are the A/C & heater supposed to work when the car is parked? I drive a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. I’m not sure if it’s been this way the whole time I’ve owned the car, but I noticed last winter that the heater begin blowing cold air if I parked the car and left it running for a while. Also, when I park the car in the summer, the A/C doesn’t blow as cold either.

Well, I would not be surprised if a car had a hard time keeping you warm or cool at idle. Most seem to do OK, but I have seen many that don’t do all that well.

For the A/C I suggest brining it to a real A/C shop (often also a radiator shop) Make it a local shop not a chain. They likely will also have the answer for your heat. Most shops can handle the heat part, If you are handy you may be able to take care of it, but many shops don’t really handle the A/C end well.

You may want to have the Nissan’s vacuum hoses checked. You also might want to check the fans on the radiator and the water pump.