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Nissan Hardbody---Can't get a smooth shift

Just picked up a '94 Nissan Hardbody, 5-speed manual transmission (4wd). 100k miles.

Had the truck for a few weeks. I liked it when I test drove it, but had a hard time getting it to shift smoothly (especially from 1st to 2nd). I figured this was due to it being a clutch I wasn’t used to. A few weeks in, I still can’t get a smooth shift. If I try shifting extremely quickly, I can sometimes accidently get it to feel smooth. Most other times, there’s a slight airy “wumphing” sound (not a clunk) that accompanies it and a jerky feeling. In other cars, I’ve driven, I’ve gotten a similar feeling when I let out the clutch too quickly without enough gas–perhaps a similar issue here.

Rather annyoing. I thought maybe a U-Joint might be the culprit, but those all seem solid. I also had a mechanic adjust the clutch pedal, which was sitting rather high (a little above the brake pedal). Should I be worried, or do I just have a finnicky clutch that I’m just going to have to get used to?

Are you sure the clutch disengages fully when you step on the pedal?

Try shifting with the engine off and see if it feels any different. Use the clutch as you normally would, but do it with the truck sitting still and the engine off.

Report back.

I’m pretty sure it disengages. When I let it up off the floor, it starts obviously engaging a few inches up. Also, the truck seems to move smoothly from a standstill in first gear. If it wasn’t fully disengaging, I think I’d know it pretty quickly.

I’m mostly used to manual trannies in little 4cylinder cars, so maybe a V6 truck is a different story. I don’t have much experience. Do you think changing out fluids (clutch, what else?) would make a difference?